The iconic footbridge that spans the Kangaroo River, opposite the community hall, in the Upper Kangaroo River area of Kangaroo Valley is under threat! We are currently trying to convince Shoalhaven City Council to renew and maintain the bridge, rather than demolish it!


The Upper Kangaroo River Progress Association have started a campaign and petition to demand that Council continue to maintain this historic footbridge – for the benefit of the local residents of Kangaroo Valley, the wider Shoalhaven and all who visit here. The Shoalhaven prides itself on being a tourist destination. It is vital that this footbridge – one of the jewels in the crown of Shoalhaven’s beauty and history – is not removed!

Why is this important?     

The Upper Kangaroo River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley is a social, cultural and historical icon for the people of Kangaroo Valley, the Shoalhaven and the many tourists who visit here. Children of the valley find magic there; valley locals find solace, beauty and the occasional platypus; tourists to the Valley drive or ride to the Upper River area to cross and marvel at one of the few remaining footbridges left in this area and the magnificent river that runs below it.

The bridge has been there in one form or another since the early settlement of the Valley. Until the Gerringong Creek Rd concrete bridge was built, it was the only way people could cross the river and get to their homes in times of flood (and indeed still is when debris and water cover the concrete bridge as it did in the storm of July 2016).

There is no safe pedestrian access on the narrow one-lane concrete bridge, so removing the footbridge cuts off one of the loveliest walks in the Upper River area.

The footbridge sits hand-in-hand with the community owned and managed Upper Kangaroo River Community Hall and features prominently in the memories of all those who have attended events there.

The footbridge is part of our social and cultural history, and a vital part of the fabric of our present-day community. It must be preserved!

Concerned citizens can sign our petition at the Kangaroo Valley Post Office, at the bar of the Kangaroo Valley Show or on-line at:

Save the Upper River footbridge in Kangaroo Valley